Quick Activities

We are proud to introduce EngageQuick Activities for SuiteCRM

Users can:

  • View list of Activities
  • Create Calls & Meetings
  • Set Date, Status and Notes


We are proud to introduce the EngageDiary for SuiteCRM

Create lesson, group multiple contacts inside a "Lesson"

Assign the lesson to a User (Instructor, tutor, teacher)

Link a "Resource" (Horse, Car, Motorbike, any custom module)


We are proud to introduce the EngageScore Calculator for SuiteCRM

  • Create custom score calculations for any module
  • Select values for each field and field type
  • Select the field the total score is calculated & displayed

Help Text for All Users

SuiteCRM comes with "Help Text" in Studio, the ability to add help text to any field inside a record.
As default the Help Text feature can only be viewed by Admin users.
With this free plugin we have slightly tweaked the feature to give access to ALL users!

+Dropdown Addition

We are proud to introduce +Dropdown Addition for

+Dropdown Addition:

  • Studio Field Type
  • Add to Module Layouts

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